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Student Conduct Rules and Procedures

All students are expected to abide by the rules and procedures listed below. These rules and procedures apply to anyone attending Fire Academy courses through any method of delivery, resident or field. Students should become familiar with them before attending Fire Academy training.

Class Attendance and Schedule - All students will be required to attend the first day of class. Resident class times are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. unless otherwise listed. Hours for field courses may vary. Check on the confirmation form or with the course instructor for details. Special night evolutions may be scheduled in some courses. Minimum attendance for all Fire Academy classes is 80 percent. The student must be present for all “Mandatory” sessions. Most seminars require attending the entire class to receive credit.

Dress Code - Shorts are prohibited in all classrooms and administration buildings on site. Shorts may be worn in the dorm area and on the Fire Academy grounds after class. Students should wear department uniforms or normal work attire. Students are required to wear shirts with sleeves in public areas and all Fire Academy buildings. Long pants, shirt with sleeves and socks are required to be worn under protective equipment for any evolution requiring PPE on or off site.

Tardiness - Students are required to be punctual for all classes, training and activities. Classes will begin promptly at the scheduled time, unless specific alternate instructions are given.

Absences - Unless special permission is received from the instructor, students are not permitted to leave Fire Academy courses during training hours. Failure to comply will result in an unexcused absence and possible dismissal. Emergency leave may be allowed for legitimate reasons. Make up of all classes and exams missed during a student’s absence must be completed upon the student’s return. Make up of classes in some courses may not be available until the next scheduled course, and the student’s record will indicate “INCOMPLETE.”

Withdrawals - Should it become necessary for a student to withdraw from a course, the course instructor must be notified. All equipment and supplies issued to the student shall be returned before leaving class.

Releasing Scores or Transcripts - Test scores, training records and student transcripts will be released only to the student, the student’s fire chief or the department training officer. Requests for the release of information must be made in writing using a Transcript Request Form. All information must be provided, and the form must be signed. If the transcript is to be sent to someone other than the student, the full name and address of the recipient must be included. Student transcript information may not be sent by fax or telephone. A $3 administrative fee will be charged for each transcript, and payment must accompany the request. Please send check or money order, no cash. No information will be given over the telephone.

Academy Equipment and Facilities - Students must park only in designated areas, observe all posted signs, and avoid any abuse of the Fire Academy’s facilities. Students are responsible for the proper care and return of all Fire Academy-issued equipment and/or supplies.

Cheating - Any student cheating during training will be immediately dismissed.

Illness or Injury - Ill or injured students must report immediately to the instructor. Students are expected to be covered by the agency they represent with Worker’s Compensation Insurance or similar coverage. The Fire Academy does not provide Worker’s Compensation or medical insurance coverage for students and assumes no liability or responsibility for illness or injury experienced while attending or participating in Fire Academy programs.

Use of Tobacco - The Fire Academy prohibits the use of any tobacco products inside all buildings on campus. Designated smoking areas are provided. Use of tobacco products during training evolutions are limited to scheduled breaks.

Weapons and Explosives - Weapons of any type and/or explosives are prohibited on Fire Academy grounds except as may be specifically required to conduct official training. This includes, but is not limited to, firearms, ammunition, bows, arrows, knives, blasting agents and/or fireworks. Any student found displaying and/or carrying any type of contraband will be subject to immediate dismissal.

Student Conduct - Fire Academy administration will review all infractions committed by students. These include: violations of law; gambling or possession of illegal substances; disorderly student conduct; racial or sexual slurs or harassment; profane, obscene or vulgar language; damage to property; or any action that interferes with training or endangers the safety of any individual. Students are also required to maintain classroom cleanliness. Each student is responsible for the removal of trash from his/her area and the alignment of his/her nameplate, books and chair each day. A determination that a student has committed a violation may result in dismissal from Fire Academy training.

Student Appeals Procedures - Appeals should be made in writing to a Fire Academy staff member, who will review the appeal and take appropriate action. Written appeal of the decision can be filed with the section manager for review. Any further appeal is filed with the superintendent of the Fire Academy whose decision is final.

Use of Alcohol or Prohibited Substances - No student may participate in Fire Academy training programs while under the influence of alcohol or any prohibited or controlled substance. This includes narcotics or any other agent that may impair judgement or physical ability to participate. Some prescription medications may have such an effect and could interfere with or prevent class participation.

Personal Items - The Fire Academy assumes no liability or responsibility for loss, theft or damage of personal property while participating in or attending Fire Academy training.

Personal Hygiene and Grooming - Students are expected to maintain personal hygiene and acceptable appearance. A student who has hair (stubble, mustache, sideburns, beard, bangs or low hairline), jewelry or other impediment in the seal area of an SCBA facepiece, will not be permitted to wear an SCBA in Fire Academy-credited training courses requiring breathing protection. SCBA participation may be required for successful course completion.

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