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Fire Brigade Training

Our mission is to provide the highest level of emergency response and management training as safely, effectively and efficiently as possible. We cover all aspects of fire protection, ranging from basic incipient fire brigade training to comprehensive hazardous materials technician training.

All Fire Academy programs are comprehensive in content and utilize the most current suppression and prevention techniques available. Emphasis is placed on field training through hands-on learning experiences. Both OSHA regulations regarding industrial fire protection and emergency response teams (subpart H and L) and the National Fire Protection Association standards are followed as a basis for course content and duration.

The information, policies, and procedures in this catalog represent current practices as of the date of this publication. All participants and attendees of Fire Academy training are expected to abide by these policies and procedures at all times. The South Carolina Fire Academy reserves the right to modify its operating practices as necessary to maintain the mission of providing the highest level of training in the safest and most efficient manner. Students will be notified of any change which affects their attendance or participation. Fees listed are subject to change.

The South Carolina Fire Academy is a quality provider of emergency response training. To assist with this quality, we ask that each student be advised of our class starting time and minimum attendance policy. Unless otherwise scheduled, classes begin at 8:30 am on each day of training. Each student must attend a minimum of 80% of the training, and accomplish any practical skills required for course completion. To assure safety, the South Carolina Fire Academy also requests that students wear standard work attire. The Academy does not allow for student participation in sleeveless shirts or shorts. Students may not have any facial hair that will impede the seal area of an SCBA mask. Those students who choice not to remove such facial hair will not be permitted to wear an SCBA in any Academy course that may require such use for completion.

Scheduling Industrial Training

All courses listed in this catalog can be furnished to your industry upon request to meet your scheduling needs. If your company only needs a few people trained, please contact us. We will attempt to accommodate your request by combining your students with other industrial clients' students requesting the same training programs. Contact Kristie Watson , Industrial Marketing, at (800) 896-1070 for more information on how we can meet any of your training needs.

SCFA Industrial Training Catalog

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Student Eligibility

Any commercial or industrial plant employee or contractor involved with fire, rescue and other emergency response activities can attend our resident industrial courses. Students participating in hands-on fireground and rescue training must be physically capable of performing strenuous training exercises. Physical capability is defined as the ability to actively participate in strenuous tasks often associated with fire service duties. Those students who only attend lectures do not have to meet the physical capability requirements.

OSHA Regulations

Training Programs

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