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Preparing for a Practical Certification Exam

Practical certification exams may be conducted at the conclusion of certain courses while others are part of a Challenge process. Examples include: Firefighter I Practical Certification Exam is conducted at the conclusion of course 1153 - NFPA Firefighter I or 1403 – Hybrid Firefighter I.

Based on this evaluation method, these courses are prerequisites to completing the written certification examination. Students who are successful in the course should be prepared to take the practical skills exam. However, since the practical skills examinations contain several objectives, which they may be asked to perform, students should be prepared to perform all of the manipulative or practical objectives listed in the NFPA standard for that certification level. All practical skills tests are graded on a pass/fail system with a passing score required for successful completion of the certification exam. Passing means that the student performed the skill correctly, while failing means that the student performed the skill unsafe or to the point of being ineffective.

Should an individual fail to earn a passing grade on a manipulative skill on the first attempt, they are eligible for an immediate second attempt on that skill. A third attempt will be granted by the lead evaluator if on both the first and second attempt the student completed 50% or greater of the required skill steps on each previous attempt. This must be done with no coaching from the evaluator. The student can be told what steps they failed and only that. No additional information may be given.

Note: Any failed attempt caused by a failure of a Critical Skill Step will automatically eliminate the third attempt consideration.

If the third attempt on the manipulative skill is unsuccessful, the student may enter into a time restricted testing for one additional attempt. Such retesting must be completed at least 30 days after the third attempt but no more than 210 days.

The 30 day to 210 day wait period does not apply to structured recruit school type delivery. Any manipulative skill retesting must be completed within the course schedule and will be limited to three attempts.

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